Brown v Board of Education 1954

Free online program
February 21, 3:30-5:30pm
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New Orleans, Louisiana, USA – In this Nov. 1960 file photo, U.S. Deputy Marshals escort six-year-old Ruby Bridges from William Frantz Elementary School in New Orleans, La. The first grader was the only black child enrolled in the school, where parents of white students were boycotting the court-ordered integration law and were taking their children out of school. (AP Photo, file) — Image by ©AP/Corbis

If you have the day off on February 21st, why not observe Black History Month and join us for a free program about Brown v. Board of Education. You can register and watch from the comfort of your own home.

The Iowa State Bar Association, the Iowa National Bar Association, Iowa Organization of Women Attorneys and the Polk County Bar Association are co-sponsoring “Brown v. Board of Education (1954),” a virtual community event about the case that stated that separate schools for blacks and whites are inherently unequal. A presentation on the case will be followed by a discussion with panelists who attended segregated schools.

Panelists include the following community leaders: Tim Gartin, Henry Hamilton III, Judge Odell McGhee and Emily Gould Chafa.

To register to receive the link to participate, click here.

Visit the Iowa State Bar Association for more information on the presenters!