Adult Programming Activity

Discuss and come up with a program for the following situations.  What do you want to do for the program – what you want to do, materials you need, possible costs..  Who are possible partners in providing the program?  Where and how are you going to market?  Do you have any special considerations when it comes to location?

  • Group 1:  Bringing empty-nesters together.  They’re generally middle-aged, roughly 50-65 years of age.  The group’s kids have often used the library when younger, but it may have been a few years since they’ve really been active with the library.
  • Group 2:  New Adults moving to the community needing to plan for retirement, generally aged 25-40.  Some have kids, some don’t.   They’re somewhat new to the community so some have been in to the library, but many not.  
  • Group 3:  Health and dietary planning for 65+.  You have a lot of older members of your community who don’t know how to cook.  There are some that have lost a spouse and never had too cook before, others just want to know how to eat better as they age.  Many have been in and out of the library over the years.