The library offers free wireless internet to anyone, anytime!

Work outside of the home or office on your laptop, update your phone without using your data limit, or bring in your tablet to watch videos on the library’s high speed internet.

Our Wi-Fi signal reaches everywhere inside the library (including the community room), and extends outside into our seating areas and the parking lot.  Feel free to drive up and connect to our internet to download a podcast or update GPS directions for your trip.

The library’s Wi-Fi is always on, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Even when the library is closed, you can still use our internet outside.

Connecting to WBPL Wi-Fi

Open your network settings and look for the network called WBPL Public.  There is no password, but you may be asked agree to our internet policy once you’re connected.

Mobile hotspots

We are happy to offer mobile internet hotspots to our patrons for checkout!  Hotspots provide a Wi-Fi signal using mobile phone networks.  Turn it on and connect any device to your very own Wi-Fi network!

Our mobile hotspots rely on the Sprint network, so signal strength depends on the reception in your area.

Hotspots are available to check out for 1 week and you must be 14 years of age or older.  Contact us to see if a hotspot is available!

Do you also need a computer to use on the internet?  The library has 2 Chromebooks available to check out!  Check out our Computers page for more details about Chromebooks.

Internet Policy

Download a .pdf of our internet policy here.