Kanopy Streaming Video

Our doors may be locked, but we’ve been hard at work figuring out ways to help our friends through this situation. We’re excited to announce the launch of WBPL’s free streaming video service through Kanopy!

How It Works:

  • Kanopy has over 30,000 videos available FOR FREE to our patrons! You have 10 credits to use to stream any regular movies and videos. (Once you start to play a video, it will use up a credit, even if you change your mind after a few minutes and don’t watch the whole thing.)
  • You may stream as many of the Great Courses and as much Kanopy Kids content as you want! Once you’ve started one video, you don’t use up any more credits for any others in these sections. Check these out with your kids who are out of school!

Get Started:

  • Go to wbpl.kanopy.com and click on “Add a library card.”
  • Use the same information you use to log in to any of our online resources.
  • Then create an account for Kanopy using your own email address.
  • Start watching!
  • There are apps for iOS, Android, and Roku. You’re not stuck in front of your computer.

We really want to know what you think of this service. Is 10 credits enough for you? Email us or let us know on Facebook how it’s working!