For all questions by phone, please call (319)643-2633. You are welcome to leave a message outside of business hours.



To renew items, you may Access Your Account Online and renew at any time through the library’s account system.  If you would like to ask us to renew your items for you, a form is available online for just this instance.  Naturally, if you have any problems with the process, please don’t hesitate to contact the library.


Use library space

The library’s community room is available for use by community groups, individuals, political campaigns, and non-profits.  Virtually anyone can use the room as long as you’re not charging admission.  Visit the Community Room page where you’ll find the current reservation schedule as well as the methods for reserving the room.


Talk to a Librarian

For anything else you need to talk to a Librarian about, visit our general contact page.  This is for almost anything else – need help finding a book, question about an upcoming program, or if you need reference information (example: community history, consumer information,  who won past sporting events).