New times beginning in September!
Pajama Storytime: Tuesdays @ 6:45pm
Preschool Storytime: Fridays @ 10:15am

Storytime craft

Kids and parents gather around the tables at storytime for a craft.

Storytimes at the library are intended for children and provide a number of benefits.  They provide an opportunity for learning about the world through the stories and topics of the books themselves.  Children are given an opportunity to learn social skills by interacting with the other children who attend.  For those programs that offer crafts, children are also presented with a process of learning motor skills.

The library offers several different types of storytimes throughout the year.

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Preschool Storytime – Fridays @ 10:15am – All Year

Preschool Storytimes are the storytimes that run all year on Friday mornings.  They feature a set of themed stories like different animals, holidays, colors, and other specific topics.  The stories are followed by a quick craft activity that the children participate in and can take home.

Preschool Storytimes are intended, as you might imagine, for those who have not yet entered Kindergarten.   At the WBPL, we encourage family involvement, so all children are, of course, welcome.  This is especially true during the Summer when children are out of school and accompany families or babysitters to the library.

Pajama Storytime – Tuesdays @ 6:45pm – September to May

Pajama storytimes offer a set of themed stories followed by a quick bedtime snack.  Like Preschool Storytimes, the books chosen for Pajama Storytime often reflect a season, holiday, or other special topic like leaves during Fall or flowers during spring.  As suggested by the name, kids and adults alike are welcome to wear their PJs to storytime.

Since Pajama Storytime occurs during the school year and during the evening, children of all ages are welcome to attend.  Regular participants range from newborn up through 5th grade.

Snacks & Stories – Mondays @ 1:30pm – June & July

Snacks & Stories happen every Monday during the Summer Library Program.   Snacks and stories are the most active of the library’s storytimes offering a set of stories with a small snack, followed by a fun activity.

Like Pajama Storytime, Snacks & Stories happen outside of school hours, so they are intended for children of all ages.