Remote Workers

Residents who work remotely will find support and connection to the community at the library!

Current technology trends combined with the pandemic led to many people being able to work from home. While working remotely, folks may need:

  • technology support
  • access to technology
  • a physical space away from home to get some work done

The library is here to help!

Technology support

Library staff are well-versed in many networking and technology issues. If you have questions about your devices, websites, or Zoom, we can usually help you on the spot!

If you have more complicated questions, it would be best to contact us first to make sure the best person to help you will be available.

Access to Technology

Do you need specific technology to help you work? The library has plenty to offer!

  • high speed Wifi
  • fast, up-to-date desktop computers
  • laptops to use anywhere in the building
  • color printing and copying
  • faxing
  • scanning
  • Chromebooks to check out and use at home (or at a coffee shop!)
  • Mobile internet hotspots so you can take the internet with you when traveling
  • Projector
  • Smart TV
  • Meeting Owl
  • Zoom account to host meetings

Our wifi is on 24/7. Library computers and our printer/copier/fax machine are available whenever we’re open.

Will you be needing a projector, access to paid Zoom features, or a Meeting Owl for a special project? Let us know in advance and we’ll work with you to make sure you have the technology you need to get your work done!


The library has many work spaces to suit your needs. Whether you just need a couple hours in an armchair with your laptop or a designated room to buckle down for a virtual meeting, we have space available!

We have:

  • armchairs
  • tables
  • study carrells
  • quiet Teen Room available during regular school hours
  • Community room for privacy or access outside normal library hours

You’re welcome to drop by any time we’re open, but if you need a specific space or time, it’s always a good idea to check with us first.

How can we help you with your remote work?

Is there something you need that’s not on this list? Let us know! If we are able to add technology or assist you in other ways, we’d love to hear your ideas!