While often known for children’s services, the WBPL has a lot to offer for the adult community in West Branch. Events, materials, and resources are all available for Adults.

Programs and Events

The library offers a wide variety of programs and events for adults (there’s no sense in letting the kids have all the fun). If you visit the library’s calendar of events, you can find what’s in the works.

Book Club

It’s the club where everyone’s invited!  Each month we pick a new book to read and the following month we’ll all discuss that book.  The book club meets the third Tuesday of every month at 7pm in the library’s community room.

Library… After Hours!

Library… After Hours is the most relaxed of the adult events.  It’s only held a few times a year, but it gives you a chance to learn and have fun at the library.  What happens at the after hours events depends on you – what do you want to learn or do at the library?  In the past we’ve had movies, guest speakers on gardening, a holiday gift wrapping party, Vino Van Gogh, home organizing, and a dessert recipe share.

Since the events occur after the library’s closed, we allow people to bring some beverages outside what you’d expect at the library (for details, please ask the library!).  We also provide some themed deserts and drinks.

Summer Library Program

As an adult, you too can earn prizes from the library during the summer.   By reading and completing themed tasks (based on the theme for each summer), you can earn some smaller prizes like books, shirts, and mugs and be entered into a drawing for the summer’s grand prizes!


We offer online assistance for adults, too!  Through our Brainfuse portal, you can find help choosing, finding, and applying for careers, assistance for adult learners, and special resources for veterans.

JobNow: one-of-a-kind career assistance that covers all major aspects of job hunting.

Adult Learning Center: providing academic assistance designed for adult learners.

VetNow: supporting the community’s veterans and their families with locating eligible benefits, live online academic tutoring, employment transition assistance, and finding community resources.

West Branch Times Digital Archive

Image from a historic West Branch Times issueIf you’re ever in the need to look up something involving the history in West Branch, a good place to start is the online historical archives of the West Branch Times.  Covering 1883 through 1993, the West Branch Times, or Local Record as it was known prior to 1889, is now available online at

The digital archive provides both a keyword and name search, perfect for those wanting to look up geaneaology records or a specific event in West Branch’s History.

The digital copies are also browsable by year, month, and day so you can see what was happening around a specific time period.