Access Your Library Account

You can use your library card number to log in to your WBPL account, access ebooks, and even watch free streaming videos!

To log in you will need your library card number and the main phone number listed on your account.

Find your library card number

Your library card number – sometimes called your “patron ID” – is located on the back of your library card next to a barcode.

The patron IDs are circled on the older and new cards below:

 Older Card Newer Card
image of older library card's barcode and ID number image of newer library card's barcode and ID number

If you have a old card that contains a letter in the ID number, don’t include the letter when logging in. If you’re still having trouble, please contact us to update your account.

If you don’t know or remember what phone number is listed on your account, you can also contact us at the library.  We’re always happy to help you make the most of your account!

Log in to your WBPL account

  • Renew items
  • Place a hold on items currently on the shelf — we’ll pull them and you can pick them up later
  • Add your name to the waiting list for books that are checked out
  • Change your notification settings
  • Update your account information
  • Sign up to automatically receive books from your favorite authors
Image of the login area on the library catalog page.

Once you have identified your card number and phone number, you can visit our catalog to log in.

Enter your ID and phone number and press the LOG IN button or hit the Enter key.

Once logged in, press the MY ACCOUNT button.

Use your account to download free electronic items

Now that you know your login information, you can use your library card to download ebooks and audiobooks, and stream movies!

Bridges ebooks and audiobooks

If you live within West Branch city limits or unincorporated Cedar County, you can use your WBPL ID to download free ebooks and audiobooks!

Visit the Bridges catalog using the Libby app online and sign in using the same library card number and phone number.

The Bridges system communicates directly with the library’s catalog system – if you change your phone number on your library account, your Bridges login will also change.

Check out our ebook page for detailed instructions!

Kanopy streaming video

Your library card also gives you access to free movies, documentaries, educational videos, stories for kids, and more!

To access Kanopy videos, go to and use your library card information to create a Kanopy account.

Visit our Kanopy page for more information and detailed instructions.