Access Your Library Account

Library Catalog

Accessing your library account through the library’s system provides you with the abilities to:

  • Renew items
  • Reserve items in the library’s collection (both that are currently in and currently checked-out by someone else)
  • Change your account details like phone and email notification settings
  • Sign up to automatically receive books from your favorite authors!

Logging in to your Account

To log into your account, you’ll need your ID number and your phone number.  **Since many people have multiple phone numbers across cell phones and family members, if you don’t know or remember what phone number you have on your account, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the library.

Your ID number is most likely located on the back of your library card.  In the case that you have an extremely old card number that contains a letter in the ID number, please contact us to update your account.

The IDs are circled on the newer and older cards shown here:

 Older Card  Newer Card
image of older library card's barcode and ID number  image of newer library card's barcode and ID number

Image of the login area on the library catalog page.
Once you have your ID and phone number, you can visit the following link to take you directly to the account login:

The ID portion will flash red briefly.

Enter your login information and press the LOG IN button or hit the Enter key.

When logged in, press the MY ACCOUNT button to access your information.

Electronic Items (Bridges ebooks, Kanopy streaming video)

Bridges sign in linkTo log into Bridges, you use the same patron ID and phone number listed above.  **Note.  The Bridges system communicates directly with the library’s catalog system – if you change your phone number on your library account, your Bridges account will also change.

Visit the Bridges site at and Click on the Sign In link towards the top of the page.

It will next ask you for the participating library.  Enter West Branch (or scroll down on some mobile devices) and select our library.

Enter your login information in the entry boxes that come up and click Sign In.

Bridges Log In area

To access Kanopy videos, go to and click on “Add a library card.”  Use your library card number and associated phone number.  The first time you visit, you will also be asked to create an account for Kanopy using your own email address.  The email does not need to be associated with your WBPL account.