West Branch Visitors

Visiting West Branch?  The WBPL can offer some things that you might be looking for on your visit or as you’re passing through.

Looking for a place to check your email or Facebook on your way to parts unknown?  The library has guest passes for the computers and Internet so that you can use them on your way through.  Or, if you have your own tablet or laptop, you can always use your own device and connect to the library’s wireless.

If you are coming in and need a place to meet people, the library has a community room that’s available for almost any use.  We’re frequent hosts to those who are looking for midway points between themselves to conduct business.

West Branch has many interesting attractions and businesses that may keep you in town for longer than expected.  It never hurts to stop in, grab some coffee, and kill some time by reading something from our shelves or just hanging around on the computer.

If you need some entertainment for your trip, we have a selection of books, audiobooks, and movies available for purchase from the Friends of the Library, as well as free magazines.