PLM2 – Activities


Let’s pull together what we’ve learned about child development, as well as what we’ve learned about programming. Here’s an exercise where we’ll create age-specific programs that fit our community’s needs.

Please assign someone in your group to write down and speak for the group.  

Group 1: Ages: 18 months – 3 years.  Community: strong diversity in backgrounds and ethnicities.  History in the Library: Some have attended lapsit storytime, many have not

Group 2: Ages: Tweens (3-5th Grade).  Demographics: Majority male.  History in Library: Often in trouble for being noisy after school while playing computer games. 

Group 3: Ages: Kindergarten-2nd grade.  Community: High percentage of free & reduced lunch in schools.  History in Library:   Attended storytimes but haven’t been using the library regularly since then.