Poplar St. Construction

Beginning this week (July 12/13), construction will begin on surfacing both Poplar St. as well as the library parking lot.  Construction has a very firm completion timeline set for mid August prior to the start of school and football activities.  For full details on the entire project, please visit the school district’s board discussion which occurred at the May 10th meeting.  We apologize for inconveniences this may cause.

Consideration has been taken through the design process to provide access to the library at all times and as such, will be conducted in two phases per the descriptions below.

Phase 1 – South:

The first phase, beginning through July 12th and 13th will be the Southern portion.  Access to the building will be available from the northern part of Poplar St., accessed from Oliphant.  If able to traverse the stairs on the East side of the library, there will be no change in access from Downey St..

The school district has also been gracious in allowing some parking to take place in the bus traffic area, primarily on the south and eastern edges.  Bus traffic is still active during the summer for summer school so we ask for courtesy in allowing them access, especially during the day.

Possible parking is highlighted in blue with the construction area marked in red

Phase 2:

The second phase will provide construction to the northern portion of Poplar St.  Approximately half of the library’s parking will be still available and additional access will be provided for those who require any mobility-assistance from the southern part of the parking lot.

Possible parking is highlighted in blue with the construction area marked in dark blue: