Voter Information

Public measure affecting the library

At the November 2nd election, there will be a public measure affecting the library on the ballot:

Public Measure D
Shall the following public measure be adopted:
Shall the term of the appointed members of the West Branch Library Board of Trustees be changed from six (6) to three (3) years?
Yes / No
Sample ballot

Public Measure D will officially change the term of Library Board members from 6 years to 3 years.

This change in term length was made locally in the mid 90s without a public vote as required by state law. Since it requires public approval to make the change official, the library board of trustees requested that the measure be added to the ballot.

Other measures affecting West Branch

West Branch has several City and School positions up for election:

  • West Branch Mayor
  • West Branch Councilperson (2 spots)
  • West Branch School Board (2 spots)

Find a list of candidates at the Cedar County website!

Where to vote

Everyone in West Branch will vote at Town Hall.